Empire Wrap Party

We recently held a party at the Jamestown Gateway Train Station in celebration of wrapping up the principle photography of Empire. With some organized hard work, it went very well. We had a great turnout with a bunch of good people and food. We took the opportunity to premiere the teaser trailer, show some outtakes, and hand out some screenshots. If you didn’t get a photo that night, please contact me because I have a bunch I wasn’t able to hand out.

We’ll continue releasing screenshots and more promotional materials on our social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – please follow. Everyone’s been really helpful in sharing the stuff we post. Thank you for all your support and interest in Empire. It’s been quite a journey of, as I’ve put it, “stressful fun.”

On that note, check out the teaser trailer! Please share, like, and comment. Your feedback is appreciated.

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