How Do You Archive?

Filmmaking and photography can be a lot of fun but it can also be very costly and daunting. I’ve been doing a lot more freelance and hobby photography and, while this has been fun and great experience, I have almost nothing available for the public to access – neither professional nor smart for marketing. My question is: how do YOU archive your work? I know there’s a lot of photography, video, and art sites that host content but what is YOUR preference and why?

Currently, I add my photography sets to my public Facebook page in galleries and individual photos are on Instagram. Some of my videos are available on YouTube but most aren’t online yet. I’d rather have it all backed up and on display on my website. Clearly, I need a portfolio but choosing the site or app within WordPress to use is confusing. I also don’t want to overwhelm my primary portfolio. I want that to be the best-of-the-best. For most sets, I figure a regular post with a gallery will do.

My plan is to get my site updated and more populated by the end of this year. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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