Jamestown Arthouse Film Kickoff


Last Tuesday I took over showing films at the InSpire Development Center. Inside the complex, there’s a chapel that we’ve outfitted with a movie screen and projector. It’s a cozy space to show some offbeat films and build an environment for film appreciators.

Tuesday, October 4th, we showed the cult classic, Carnival of Souls from 1962. Years ago, I caught this one on Offbeat Cinema at 2 or 3 in the morning and, at the time, I didn’t appreciate it as much as I did the other night seeing it in it’s entirety and on a large screen. The story is hard to follow at times because some of the dialogue is muffled and, in my opinion, there should be more dialogue to help with the storytelling but, overall, it’s a solid and entertaining story. There are humorous moments and the editing is actually pretty tight and creative. It’s a great film about the demons that can haunt us all.


Tuesday, October 11th, we showed the tinted re-release version of The Phantom of the Opera from 1925. I choose that version because it includes a musical score. Watching it in a chapel was sort of fitting seeing how some of the scenes are on stage a massive theater with a beautiful chandelier.


What I noticed was the Phantom’s obvious stalker behavior. It’s one thing to be in love with someone but to capture them, put their name on stuff, and call yourself their ‘master’ is understandably off-putting. Those are some major red flags. However, we can kind of relate to his obsession with Christine and the overall story doesn’t suffer from this. It’s a beautiful film. The cinematography and added colors are well worth the viewing.


Upcoming films include: Night of the Living Dead on October 18th and Plan 9 from Outer Space on October 25th. Here‘s the poster if you want to download or print it off. Hope we see you next week.


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